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How to Know Your Getting Great Service


As a former technician I know what times work best for your clinics. What time you may ask? Well your time. We try to accommodate and take a lot of respect in your time and when it's best to come service your clinic. I've worked on the other end of the clinic service spectrum, and have dealt with pushy service companies and having to reschedule veterinarian services in my clinic to get the service done in past experiences as a vet technician. How we have better service you may ask? In allowing you to do your job and in turn you allowing us the space to do our service promptly and accurately with respect for your time, patients and staff.


We hold a great value in your bottom line. We try our absolute best to be reasonable and yet competitive without compromising service and quality.


We take pride in our customer service. The ability to be heard and questions answered shouldn't be a wait time of having to hang up and call again or go through corporate avenues. We offer many ways for you to be serviced. Our LIVE CHAT box on our website offers direct customer service to anything you need answered on the spot. Our website offers a contact page that directs you to more than one staff member that can provide call back or scheduling. Our office provides multiphone systems with staff ready to answer. But most importantly, know that every call is addressed through the owner and lead technician who gives personal direction to your needs. As a former technician myself, time is precious in the clinic as I very well know sometimes questions can be answered through e-mail or phone call.

These are just things to consider when choosing a great service provider.

Your Goal is Our Vision

From the Desk of the Owner

Mark M.


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